Beauty and the Beast December 2013
American Film August 2013
Hansel and Gretel August 2013
Peter Pan April 2013
Ariel and Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, Jr.
Disney’s Aladdin Jr. March 2012


Little Women  October 2011                                                                                                                                      

Advertising Sponsors

KWP Productions is pleased to offer several advertising sponsorship opportunities for our upcoming season. Many of the opportunities come with preferred seating tickets!! Please consider supporting local theatre and our talented young performers. To learn more about our advertising sponsorships click the link below. You will also be able to pay for your sponsorship online!

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Cast Appreciation Gifts and Parent Night Out

Say "Thank you" to a cast member for a job well done

KWP Productions is proud for the first time to offer cast appreciation gifts. We are selling candy bouquets and flower bouquets. You can purchase them online (at a lower price) or at the theatre. Online you have the option of choosing which show you are attending and the items will be in the lobby waiting for you when you arrive. This is a great way to support the actors in the show and KWP Productions. Click on the link below to make your purchase! In addition, you can register and pay online to participate in our Parent's Night Out.

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Into the Woods/Fairy Tale Network Tickets

Individual tickets for all performances of our special spring double header: The Fairy Tale Network and Into the Woods, Jr. are now on sale! Click on the link below.
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KWP Productions was created in the spring of 2012. The company is the embodiment of the creative spirit of Kim and Steve Enright. Veterens of the local theatre scene they sought to find an outlet for their desire to concentrate on family oriented productions.

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Cast List

We are pleased to announce the cast for Into the Woods, Jr. Click on the link below for complete details.

Cast List for Into the Woods

what’s new

Visit our event page to learn more about our upcoming productions and appearances. Go to this page to see video clips as well. Join our mailing list for even more updates

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